Fire, Safety & Security Exhibition


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Opening of the seventh session of the exhibition, which was inaugurated in 2009 Keith Scott Head of International Organizations International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) MSc, MSc, FIIRSM (Hon) FIIAI, EurOSHM, CMIOSH, MIoD, SBCI.


1st Edition:1999, 7th – 9th March

2nd Edition:2001, 26th – 28th February

3rd Edition:2003, 5th- 7th May

4th Edition:2005, 11th – 13th April

5th Edition: 2007, 8th – 11th December

6th Edition:2008, 20th – 23rd December

7th Edition: 2009, 12th – 15th December

8th Edition: 2010, 4th – 7th December

9th Edition:2011, 10th – 13th December

10th Edition: 2012, 1st – 4th December

11th Edition: 2013, 1st – 4th December

12th Edition: 2014, 4th – 7th December

13th Edition: 2015, 4th – 7thDecember

14th Edition: 2016, 11th – 13th December

All above has been held in Cairo International Convention Center